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  • MSIASI Toulouse – Neuro Linguistic Programming course
  • MSIASI Toulouse – Masters in International Business for Technological Industry
  • INSA University – BA Civil Engineering (2:1)
  • Lycee Maurice Ravel – Double Baccalaureate Certificate
  • 120hrs TEFL certificate
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    Alain is a dual French and Spanish national.

  • He embarked on his academic journey with an International Baccalaureate achieved between Spain and France. Following this, he graduated from INSA University in France, attaining a degree in Civil Engineering.

  • During his time at the university, Alain discovered a passion for teaching, particularly in the realm of foreign languages. He tailored his tutoring services to offer French & Spanish lessons to international students. This diverse teaching environment not only allowed Alain to hone his pedagogical skills but also deepened his understanding of various languages, enabling him to adapt his teaching methods to cater to individual linguistic backgrounds.

  • Upon graduation, Alain transitioned into a career in civil engineering. However, his passion for teaching remained, leading him to continue tutoring alongside his professional commitments.

  • Alain’s curious nature has seen him travel extensively, visiting & working in Latin America, Asia, and Australia. His adventures have now brought him to Vietnam, where he currently resides.

  • In his spare time, Alain is an avid nature enthusiast, often seen hiking or climbing and possesses a love for travelling.

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