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The International Tutor Group exists to help families and students navigate the challenges of an international education. First and foremost our leading UK and International graduate tutors provide academic support that ensures each student reaches their full potential.

But our support doesn’t simply stop with results. We know that success at university and beyond has as much to do with the right mindset as the best grades. We believe that a truly effective international education means addressing the whole child. Therefore, alongside our academic intervention, we focus on mentoring our students in order to build their self-confidence, establish their independence and ignite their intellectual curiosity. We strive to develop students with a lifelong love of learning as well as a set of pleasing results. In this way, we aim to ensure each student is fully prepared to make the most of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Coping under pressure

We are also acutely aware of the pressures our students face in an increasingly demanding educational landscape. They can risk feeling overwhelmed, experiencing anxiety and losing their confidence. Having someone to turn to who has experienced these challenges themselves can be invaluable. At ITG the personal relationships students can build with their tutors provide the right care and guidance to help them cope effectively.

Ultimately, our commitment is to develop both high-achieving and well-balanced, happy students.


All ITG’s services are developed and overseen by fully qualified and experienced teachers in international school education. They are born out of years of classroom experience, alongside progressive training from the world’s most respected educators. In everything we do, we exclusively aim to help students excel in the challenges of Ho Chi Minh’s leading international school curricula.


Our tutors are all graduates with exceptional academic records from the UK and US’ leading schools and universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Crucially, this means they have personally met the demands of an international education through their own fully international schooling. We then take this experience and couple it with the most up-to-date curriculum training. Our teachers are therefore perfectly positioned to communicate the specifics of each examination’s requirements.

More importantly, our teachers understand the robust and confident mindset so crucial for success today. At ITG we believe the relationship between a tutor and a student can be vital in supporting this growth. Our teachers are already nurturing and inspiring people, but we also extensively train them in how to guide their students towards a healthy and well-balanced approach to learning.

Our Approach


You will meet with our Director of Education to personally discuss the academic needs of your child. You will also have the opportunity to explore our custom designed study centre in Thao Dien. Our director will bring years of experience to quickly identify the most effective, structured program of support. They will also use their knowledge of the tutor database to choose the best personality fit for your child.


Your specially selected tutor will have an initial session with your child. You will be asked to prepare some examples of previous work such as exam papers or exercise books to bring to the session. The tutor will use this information, together with our own diagnostics approach and careful discussion, to formulate a medium and long term Progress Plan (if needed) for your child.


The tutor will provide you with your own personally tailored Progress Plan for your child's development. It will divide the program into medium-term needs that can be addressed immediately and long term aims that we can work towards over the year.
You will have the opportunity to discuss this Program with both the tutor and your child. If fully satisfied, we will begin regular sessions with our tutor immediately. You can choose to come to our study centre in Thao Dien, or our tutor can travel to your home at your own convenience. We ask you to commit to a minimum of 10 sessions before we can assess any initial progress made.
We are so confident you will find our Progress Plan is the most efficient, rigorous and supportive approach to tutoring available that you can cancel the sessions with no charge at any time before the end of the trial period.


Our tutor will provide termly updates on their students’ progress in relation to their Progress Plan. Students and parents will also have regular contact with their tutor throughout their time with us.