Giáo viên ITG: Jordan Beasley

Jordan is one of our Maths and Science tutors at ITG who has a wealth of international teaching experience and buckets of enthusiasm. Jordan’s compassionate and meticulous teaching style means that he is very popular amongst his students. His first-class

Giáo viên ITG: Samantha Willenburg

Samantha Willenburg is our in-house SEN specialist and she has over ten years of experience in the education sector under her belt. She brings not only a wealth of experience to ITG but bundles of positivity and enthusiasm, meaning that

Giáo viên ITG: Alice Harrison

Alice is in her second year of teaching at ITG and many of the students that she works with today have been by her side since the beginning of her teaching journey. This has allowed Alice to build incredibly

Giáo viên ITG: Joey Myers

Joey, our Principle Primary Tutor at ITG, holds a PGCE and qualified teacher status in the UK and before embarking on a teaching career, Joey worked for the criminal justice system. As well as leading one-on-one primary sessions, Joey leads

Giáo viên ITG: Vincent Doan

Vicent Doan is one of our Maths and Science tutors at ITG and his friendly, relaxed and meticulous approach to tutoring means that he is always receiving raving reviews from parents while instilling his students with confidence. 


Giáo viên ITG: Mark Collin

Mark has dedicated himself to ITG for over a year now and his thorough, professional and engaging style of teaching has seen him progress to Principle Maths and Science Tutor. In this role, Mark provides other tutors with invaluable support

Giáo viên ITG: Charlotte Blair

What made you decide to work for ITG?
Prior to joining ITG, I was working in a secondary school in London where I helped teach English, drama and art. When the academic year ended I was looking for tutoring

Giáo viên ITG: Kate Garland

Kate is one of our English tutors at ITG who joined the team after finishing her studies of English literature at the University of Birmingham. Working with a range of age groups during any given day, Kate professionally adapts her

Giáo viên ITG: Juliet Coome

Juliet is one of our English tutors at ITG who, prior to moving to Ho Chi Minh City, worked in both Hanoi and the Carribean. Juliet’s love of literature is felt by all of her students – both young and

Giáo viên ITG: Jeff Anderson

Jeff is one of our maths and science tutors who holds years of both teaching and tutoring experience. While pursuing his Master’s Degree, Jeff had the opportunity to teach and tutor various math and science classes as well as working as