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Alexi Akkari


Graduating from Newcastle law school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Alexander began his love of travel and teaching by working in schools in India and Cambodia before moving to New Zealand for a year. While there he decided that he would pursue a career in education and upon his return to the UnitedKingdom he worked to make this a reality. With strong results in English and MathematicsA-Levels, he is extremely confident in teaching these subjects in particular.
During his PGCE in Cardiff Alexander achieved 1st class marks in all academic areas of the course, finding a particular passion for Special Educational Needs and Child Development. He also has significant experience in dealing with a vast array of diverse educational needs and cultural differences through his Newly Qualified Teaching (NQT) year in a central London school. Outside of Teaching, Alexander loves to spend his time on all things fitness related and exploring new places.

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