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Adam Briffett

English Literature Tutor

Adam has a strong academic background in English literature, having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in English and American. Studies at the University of Leicester and undertaken are search year at California State University. After graduating, he went on to work at the Kurdish Globe newspaper in Iraqi Kurdistan, before moving to South Korea and taking up a teaching position at a language academy in Seoul. His interest in teaching flourished there, and he stayed onto instruct middle-school students for three years.
Adam has also completed a Master’s Degree in International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, as well as a CELTA teaching qualification at the Centre of English Studies in Edinburgh. Most recently, he has worked in the role of Curriculum Manager at a language academy based in the UK, where he designed the modular curriculum system. Adam has a keen passion for outdoors pursuits, and when not teaching can often be found hiking, cycling, and camping

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